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In 1994, Qingzhou Luguan was established. The company is divided into three factories, south plant, north plant and west plant, covering an area of more than 120,000 square meters, 320 employees, fixed assets of more than 400 million yuan, daily production capacity reaches 300 tons, annual production capacity of more than 105,000 tons. The company took the lead in the industry to pass ISO 9001 quality management system certification and ISO 14001 environmental management system certification. After more than 20 years of development, the company with many years of rich production experience, excellent product quality and good reputation, has become a well-known agricultural film enterprises widely recognized in the world. The company can produce 0.5-26 meters of greenhouse film, silage film, barrier film, packaging film and mulching film.


In 1999, Lu GuanRen successfully developed a new type of inner coating anti-fog film and named it grouting film. Grouting film gradually replaced other kinds of agricultural film, become a new generation of replacement products. Shandong TV, CCTVNet and CCTV-7 have made detailed reports on this new product. From then on, Lu Guan drove on the fast overtaking lane.


In 2008, according to the inner coating process, Lu Guanren took the lead in the development of external coating type PO film in China. The new external coating type PO film, developed and produced with imported raw materials and anti-fog coating solution from Japan, has a good market response. As the domestic coating invention and leader, Luguan with far beyond the peer products and technology, the production and sales of new high year after year.


In 2015, Lu Guan took the lead in applying five-layer equipment to agricultural film in China. At present, the company has the most five layers of equipment in China, up to 7 sets.

In 2017, Luguanren obtained the largest agricultural film order in the history of the world, nearly 10,000 tons, with a total amount of nearly 190 million. Let Luguan successfully with quality and technology among the world's advanced agricultural film production enterprises. In that year, the sales volume exceeded 32,000 tons and the sales volume exceeded 450 million yuan.


In 2019, Luguan bloomed at home and abroad, and its production and sales continued to hit records. Sales volume exceeded 42,000 tons and sales volume exceeded 600 million yuan. At the same time, the intelligent centralized feeding control system enables Luguan to realize the full automation of agricultural film production.


Luguan products are sold to all domestic provinces and cities including Taiwan, and also exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, India, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries and regions. Warmly welcome dealers and users from all over the world to visit Luguan and jointly promote the great development of agriculture.

  • 1994

    Company was established in 1994

  • 4

    Fixed assets of 400 million

  • 120,000

    Covering more than 120,000 square meters

  • 105,000

    Annual capacity is 105,000 tons

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