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PO film

PO film is a new type of drying coating film PO production process that completely subverts the previous internal additive production process.
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PO film
Product introduction
PO film is a new type of drying coating film PO production process that completely subverts the previous internal additive production process. Its biggest advantage is that the various functions of the agricultural film can be synchronized with the service life of the agricultural film.
Excellent transparency
Using imported special polymer resin material, it has unparalleled transparency of other products, superior lighting, reducing the loss of light entering the shed, and the temperature in the shed rising quickly in the morning.
Anti-fog, dripping lasts longer
Using Japan's advanced external coating technology, special anti-fogging dripping additives are applied to the surface of the treated special polymer resin. The effect of longer dripping time and the synchronization of the anti-fogging period and the service life of the shed film is achieved.
Strengthen insulation performance
Using Japanese super thermal insulation materials, it can achieve a high level of night thermal insulation performance, so that most of the heat radiated from inside the shed is bounced back, effectively locking the heat and avoiding heat loss. Compared with ordinary greenhouse film, the night temperature is 2-4°C higher.
Super strong and durable
Imported anti-aging agent is added, which has good durability, impact resistance and long service life. Depending on the region and the way of use, it can be posted continuously for 2-7 years, reducing the labor and cost of renewing agricultural film.
High strength, high toughness
The special molecular structure of the special polymer resin determines that the agricultural film products after film formation have the unparalleled toughness advantages of other high-quality agricultural films, and are especially suitable for the use of roller shutters in greenhouses.
Dust treatment
The surface is treated with anti-static, and according to the lotus leaf effect, the surface is treated into a super hydrophobic interface. Rain or strong wind will take away the dust on the surface, which has the advantages of dustproof and easy washing. After 2-3 years of use, the film can still maintain a very high light transmittance, just like a new film.
Reduce pests and diseases, suitable for pollution-free vegetable production
The shed has sufficient light, rapid heating, low relative humidity, and light pests and diseases. Ultraviolet rays penetrate more and have good bactericidal performance, which can reduce the number of medications. It is very suitable for green vegetable cultivation.
Increasing production and income, early market
Excellent light transmission performance, strong photosynthesis, high temperature, high yield, and generally can be marketed 5-10 days earlier.
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